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Chin Ting Ison

Hi! My name is Chin Ting Ison.  I trained as a dietitian and have always been passionate about helping my loved ones live their best lives with good nutrition and lifestyle habits.
Since becoming a mom, I have found myself questioning the mainstream narrative especially when it comes to the care of my baby. He had persistent skin issues which propelled me into seemingly endless research. Thankfully a dear friend informed me about the links between heavy metals in vaccines and eczema which led me to look into detoxing. We started using TRS in end 2017 and my son’s skin cleared up in a matter of weeks, along with a speech delay and sensory issues which I didn’t even realize could be due to toxicity.
Now I find great joy and fulfillment in guiding other families towards the same breakthroughs with TRS.  We have a very vibrant and close knitted community in our Facebook group ‘TRS – a safe heavy metals detox’ and I look forward to connecting with you there and helping you get started on your family’s detox journey!

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Chin Ting Ison

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